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We know that digital technologies can save lots of time and money, free up key personnel, and speed core business processes. This conversational website introduces the next-generation advertising and marketing services agency: the customer engagement agency. As you read, you will discover that we rely on edited and heavily tagged transcripts of interviews and roundtables—“conversations.” The journey of transformation will unfold as a series of conversations for what’s possible, attainable, and imperative—“thought starters.”

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Snapshot Story

Value in the form of market capitalization migrates to the most efficient business model. Example: Apple versus Dell. An epic migration of value will accelerate in the ad agency business. Question: What’s your business model for the Web 3.0 reality?


Central Propositions

  1. Earning and keeping the trust of customers constitutes the primary aim of all businesses.
  2. A new breed of customers have internalized the Web and mobile services, growing all-digital “third hand” as an extension of their core social identities.
  3. These self-directed all-digital consumers reject traditional brand marketing and advertising as irrelevant and intrusive. They live different.
  4. They seek a growing array of on-demand services and ingenious ways of personalizing content and services for themselves and their friends—how word-of-mouth marketing works in our always-on era.
  5. The fulfillment of these digital third-handed customers requires that businesses use the following capabilities:
    • Digital-service business models defining what new digital applications to build or secure from partners that will augment how client attract and keep customers for life.
    • CIO blueprints depicting the current Web service-delivery capabilities of both the agency and client as well as a modular roadmap of future capabilities—that agencies and clients will decide which to build, buy, or rent.
    • Innovation leadership processes for speeding the development game-changing business concepts and new services, the validation of operational and user requirements, and the socialization of “future proofs” for new digital services.
    • Trust networks comprising business thought-leaders, visionary technologists, master practitioners of digital-service development, and process-oriented solutioneers (subject matter experts in technical applications).
  6. The rapid, future-proofed specification of a transformational digital business strategy and companion development roadmap defines the role and function of an innovation leadership academy. See Proposal.