Centers of excellence

What types of centers of excellence support integrated marketing and customer engagement?


Effective, sustainable engagement of customers demands stable, agile, and rapidly scalable IT service capabilities.

Mastery of the customer engagement cycle entails more than just great creative; mastery includes the dynamic provisioning of innovative Web services and rich media applications.

Centers of excellence represent digital business operations that bring distinctive value to a global business ecosystem and, in particular, to clients (business customers) and end-use consumers of a marketing operation.

The figure below depicts eleven featured centers of excellence among a larger, growing set of 29 other centers of excellence of the global marketing supply chain.


The customer engagement revolution will lead to a fairly massive consolidation of the advertising and marketing industry.


Engagement operations represent a hybrid operational capability that combines the analytic and creative capabilities of one or more marketing agencies with the direct mail, interactive, sales, and service operations of enterprise marketing.

Analytic operations represent the evolution of database analytics, media planning, Web content analytics, and social media monitoring. GISTICS predicts that creative-driven marketing services and DB marketing firms will lead the transformation in customer engagement firms.

Creative operations represent the evolution of traditional and online creative agencies into lifestyle innovators, community captains in social networks, immersive rich-media storytellers, and software developers.

Community operations represent autonomous social networks managed as a business that collaborates with sponsors in how to become a Good Netizen of that particular community (online and local).

Social media operations represent outsourcing partners who develop conversational engagement programs, using social media monitoring tools, photo and video sharing, promotional games and contests, and search engine optimization. Social media operation work with many community operations.

Multimedia operations represent the evolution of multimedia publications and lifestyle destination Web properties, combining multichannel analytics with social marketing and custom/licensed content. Multimedia operations exploit their strengths in editorial development, multimedia publishing, and content optimization.


With the collapse of the linear marketing campaign and meteoric rise of the nonlinear, immediate, and discursive customer engagement program, the strategy development, planning, and budgeting process will demand radical, more effective ways of getting things planned and done.

Process orchestration represents the application of business process management (BPM) technologies to planning, budgeting, program governance, and execution. BPM-enabled platforms for marketing and customer engagement systems make process orchestration the top priority for marketing organizations. Otherwise, these organizations cannot access the resources of the global business ecosystem supporting customer engagement

Marcom operations represent one-stop outsourcing partnerships dedicated to speeding the production and fulfillment of localized marketing collateral and online content—long-shot candidates for becoming customer engagement firms.

Digital asset operations represent capabilities of external centers of excellence for managing the ingestion, clearance, and tagging of hundreds of new digital assets per week.