Executive Summary

1. Digital marketing agencies create online environments, promotional content, and rich Internet applications that clients use to attract potential buyers and engage customers in a long-term relationship.

2. Digital marketing agencies develop and execute creative strategies that both differentiate their client’s offerings and induce potential buyers and customers to self-declare their interests, purchase intentions, and status in a customer engagement lifecycle.

3. Refined, multi-dimensional insights about potential buyers and actual customers, including their preferences and means of engaging, enable digital marketing agencies to develop and execute creative strategies that achieve or exceed stated communication or marketing goals.

4. Six operational factors most often undermine the production of refined, multi-dimensional insights and, therefore, the execution of successful customer engagement strategies:

  • Limited, antiquated access to available sources of online data sources, including syndicated data from social networks and database compilers
  • Inadequate data models for analyzing stakeholders’ interactions with brand touchpoints and stages of conversion from unknown visitors, to known stakeholders, to contributing members and, finally, to advocates.
  • Incomplete and non-uniform customer data needed for target or personalize multichannel marketing messages.
  • Redundant, manual procedures associated with the skill-, time-, and cost-intensive specification, production and delivery of analysis-driven marcomms.
  • Inadequate messaging platforms for delivering breakthrough creative concepts and messaging concept personalized to individual potential buyers and their known or inferred preferences.
  • Weak or non-existent systems for tracking contextual consumption of content, promotions, and next-action steps along a brand-interaction continuum of an engagement life cycle.

5. Digital marketing agencies execute breakthrough engagement strategies by using an integrated platform with multichannel marketing analytics, agile content and application development, content optimization and semantic tagging, next-generation Web 3.0 content management systems, and dynamic personalized email services, thus enabling clients and their agency partners to:

  • Validate the attractiveness of featured value propositions of both online marcomms
  • Produce fact-based insights about how to make value propositions even more attractive and differentiated
  • Optimize media mix with analysis-driven recommendations
  • Reduce overall labor content, redundancies, and costs of analysis-driven promotions
  • Redeploy cost savings as a productivity dividend: new monies for additional ad words, search optimization, and marketing content.
  • Peronalize breakthrough, personalized creative concepts and content to individual potential buyers
  • Tracking contextual consumption of content, promotions, and next-action steps along a brand-interaction continuum of an engagement life cycle

6. Center of Excellence for customer engagement ensures the greatest return on creative executions of digital marketing agencies, maximizing the competitive advantages of the digital agency as well as the valuation of the digital agencies in merger and acquisitions or capital partnerships.