Driving the R in CRM

MM: In my conversations with folks in Europe who really seem to be ahead of us, in terms of really understanding the “R” in CRM, really understand that first of all, you need to have a lifecycle model for what it means to be in a relationship with a brand. But also, do we have an explicit data collection model for collecting what I call “brand interaction data,” very early on in the awareness and consideration process?

Something else that I’ve seen in this area that’s really been a startling breakout success for some of the digital agencies is the use of viral videos that are part of a guerilla-marketing program. Viral videos explicitly designed for presentation and consumption at YouTube, FaceBook and some of these other video-sharing sites.

Then, tracking who actually downloads or posts or syndicates in those videos of their Blogs and writes about it. Then making an outreach to the people that posted favorable things about these humorous product placements. Almost like a paid feeding of viral videos.

BK: I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that Coca-Cola spends a lot of time and energy monitoring that very thing. Feeding that very engine. You didn’t mention it, but I’m sure you’re aware of Second Life. Burger King in particular spends a great deal of time and money on Second Life, which doesn’t immediately correlate back to store sales, but certainly does speak to that lifetime brand.

How do we find our customers in their place of preference and continually reinforce the brand? There are certainly some forward-thinking companies that don’t necessarily interact and sell stuff on the web, but they’re certainly using those mediums to solidify that brand loyalty.

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