Hearing the Voice of Customers

MM: So as a way of starting to summarize these points—what are the things that a proactive eBusiness manager would want to do in terms of maximizing the efficiency of their nurturing process? Clearly we need to monitor what’s going on. Right?

BK: Yes. I think we need to monitor it at a very tactical level. Internet managers should spend more time answering the “why” questions that come from campaign reports, analytic reports, voice-of-the-customer responses, social media pages, etc.

“Why aren’t we getting the response that we expect on campaigns?

“Why are lengths of visits, page views, returns by recent visitors surprisingly up or down?

“Why is customer feedback so infrequent?”

MM: I’ve got data that says, “Oh. I’ve got a user experience or a user interface problem here; I’ve got fuzzy, indistinct content and product descriptions here; I’ve got an SLA that needs to be improved because I’ve got too many timeouts or I’ve got a server overload.” Something like that, right? So, in monitoring, you want to identify some number of things to do. Right?

BK: You’re right. In the beginning it’s about structural and technical issues that tend to be the “fires” that keep most organizations in perpetual reaction mode. Next the organization will focus on product, segment, campaign and other sub-groups to improve interaction and success.

At some point it should become important to transition from being reactive to being proactive. At some point in the life cycle companies will proactively focus on customer experience and improved satisfaction with an eye on turning customers into “raving fans.”

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