Industry Trends in Customer Experience Management: Professional Background

With more than 25-years of sales and customer consultation experience in high technology and Internet market segments, Bob Kennedy is currently a Regional Sales Director for Tealeaf Technology and a Board of Directors member for the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association. For the past 12-years, Bob has held positions with leading enterprise software companies providing solutions for online marketing and customer management, including Covario (formerly SEMDirector), WebTrends, SAS, and Art Technology Group. Bob has a broad network of professional associates managing some of the largest online brands in the world and working for many of the leading marketing agencies. He is frequently consulted on trends, emerging technologies, and methods to increase customer success and satisfaction.

MM: We’re here with Bob Kennedy—Sales Director for iPerceptions. Bob, let’s start off with a little bit of your background and where you are now, with the idea that it will really provide a context for sharing some of your insights about customer experience management, web marketing & IT trends and some of the related industry consolidations.

BK: Thanks Michael! It’s great to speak with you today. To begin, I’m presently employed as a Regional Sales Director with Tealeaf Technology. Just briefly, Tealeaf is the industry leader in Customer Experience Management software solutions.

As well, I’m presently a member of the Board of Directors for the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association. In particular, I chair the Web Analytics Special Interest Group. That provides a fantastic opportunity to interact with 70-plus industry leaders and web analytics professionals in the Atlanta marketplace; and, to keep my finger on the pulse of trends in web analytics and interactive marketing.

Prior to Tealeaf, I worked with Covario, an industry leader in solutions and services for on-line marketing analytics. Specifically, Covario provides a unique technology for auditing and interacting with SEO, SEM, Competitive and Channel “campaigns” utilized to drive visitors to a company’s web sites.

MM: Bob, as I recall—one of the larger users of Covario is Intel. They manage an inventory of some 50,000 to 60,000 keywords across 15 languages. They create more of a dynamic marketplace around those 50,000 to 60,000 keywords. They use measurable traction behavior in any particular market as a way of subsequently buying into that keyword, and provisioning it in or out. Is that a fair summarization?

BK: Like many of enterprise and global companies, Intel does manage thousands of keywords, on multiple search engines, in multiple languages, around the world. As well, this size organization will typically have multiple agencies serving them in various markets geographically and vertically.

The challenge for these organizations is large and includes: accurate reporting of campaign spend and effectiveness; elimination of internal competition; brand consistency; global and local competitive planning; and, strategic as well as tactical visibility.

MM: Great! And prior to Covario?

BK: Prior to Covario, I spent worked with WebTrends a leading provider of web analytics and consumer-centric marketing intelligence solutions. And prior to WebTrends I spent several years with SAS Institute a leader in business intelligence and predictive analysis solutions. I also spent a couple of years with Art Technology Group selling the web personalization and eCommerce technology.

MM: As I recall, one of the areas we’d worked many years ago was with a company called Inso. They had a couple of software solutions—one of which was a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system by the name of MediaBank.

BK: That’s correct. MediaBank was an early DAM solution primarily used by print / publish organizations.

MM: Also, as I recall, Inso had an XML content repository?

BK: Yes. Inso had a product known as DynaBase that was a very sophisticated XML repository or content management product and it was a powerful XML “dynamic” publishing solution.

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