1: Alignment

Phase 1: Discovery Alignment

How we inspire your account service, creative, and IT teams to commit to the transformation of your business model

We start by providing you and your team with copies of our 110-page strategy-alignment document, Mastering the Customer Engagement Cycle—an inspired framework that will help you envision a bright and compelling future.
In this strategy-alignment document, you will find a strategic roadmap depicting how agencies can start integrating the online and traditional marketing processes of clients with social marketing and a global business ecosystem.

Collaborative review by your team of this strategy-alignment document will establish a common framework, vocabulary, and mental maps that you will find essential for creating aligned action and great results.

Conversational worksheets provide additional engagement and learning support. Members of your team can quickly organize their impressions and form more cogent questions for followup in the next phase workshop.

Teleconference review of the strategy-alignment document and key-topic worksheets with you and your team helps us assess how we might collaborate in the future.
Your answers will help us to evaluate how our systems and capabilities could meet your business requirements and to estimate your probable return on investment from working with us—clarity and certainty for taking the next step.

On rare occasions, we decline an engagement because we lack the qualifications or because we cannot align with the strategy or ethos of a prospective client.

Leadership interviews entail three to five teleconference interviews with your key executives and one or two trusted clients or advisors, resulting in a full-text transcript and a spreadsheet with activated concepts (keywords and phrases) describing how you assist clients in attracting, serving, and keeping profitable customers for life—how we establish a basis for conversation within your firm.

Taxonomy of engagement catalogs these activated concepts, enabling you and your team to rank these concepts by importance and collective understanding within your firm—how you begin creating a conversation roadmap for your firm.

Next-step action plan outlines our collective determination of future projects, deliverables, and desired outcomes, incorporating topics and recommendations from the preceding teleconference review.

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