3: Leadership

Phase 3: Innovation Leadership Academy

Your academy starts with a two-day project-scoping workshop and produces a socialized multiyear organizational transformation roadmap.

Your multiyear organizational transformation roadmap defines a set of 30 to 90 projects that a single person or a small group can accomplish in 15 days and 45 days, respectively.

Your customized executive white paper documents your master plan, creating a visual explanation and strong case for organizational change—how you communicate and on-board new hires, partners, and customers, using customized excerpts.

Your academy continues with semiannual meetings that comprise a mutually agreed set of the following resources:

  • Industry peer matching of your key team members with other executives who have already deployed the technology or built the operational capability of customer engagement—how to find the right answers and helpful insights fast
  • Teleconferenced Q&A problem-solving roundtables—how to talk through a wicked problem or create new choices
  • Webinars by leading experts in engagement processes and technologies—how you and your team can stay up to speed on the latest next practices
  • Personal one-on-one coaching of executive leadership and program directors—how we maintain cohesion in large or distributed teams and negotiate the new accountabilities of change and ongoing innovation
  • Onsite rapid-cycle solutioneering workshops—how we reignite the fires of inspired action and build momentum for rapid deployments and payback

Your academy will run its unique course, accommodating the cultural norms, process capabilities, and needs of your firm; however, you and your team will have access to our growing library of tools and next-practice frameworks:

  • Performance-support system: Position contracts for key personnel, action plan templates, action memos—how to create new roles and responsibilities for evolving positions
  • Skills-resource model: Primary and secondary roles, accountabilities, and skills of customer engagement operations—how to ensure that you recruit the right staff and subcontractors
  • Service-capabilities roadmap: Modular service-oriented architecture (SOA) that defines your business ecosystem—how to plan what technical capabilities you should build, buy, or rent
  • Operational business plan: Three-year budgets and staffing requirements—how to get the sustained funding you need
  • Executive placement: Recruitment and selection of needed personnel or contractors—how we can speed the process of finding the best employees and subcontractors

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