5: Summit

PHASE 5: Innovation Leadership Summits

Most service firms and agencies have four kinds of accounts in their business development pipeline:

  • Ideal clients who have woven your added-value services and your support systems into the fabric of their daily operations—clients who consider your agency a trusted strategic partner wholly vested in the long-term success of their business
  • Clients-in-process who use your services on a project-to-project basis—clients who have not committed to your long-term success as a strategic partner
  • Developed opportunities or prospects who have expressed a willingness and ability to hire your firm—usually existing clients of a competitor willing to entertain switching under the right conditions
  • Targeted new businesses or firms that match or likely match your criteria of an ideal client—usually existing clients of a larger competitor

We use a unique and powerful engagement format that we call Innovation Leadership Summits—a one-day, multiclient, invitational event that

  • Acknowledges your ideal clients’ successes with a juried Innovation Leader award.
  • Positions your customer engagement capabilities as a strategic framework for how your ideal clients have improved their ability to attract and keep profitable customers for life.
  • Provides a platform for willing ideal clients to share the how-tos of their particular achievement.
  • Uses structured, facilitated small-group sessions to foster insight sharing and networking among ideal clients, clients-in-process, and development opportunities.

We support the success of your Innovation Leadership Summits with a proven set of tools (click to enlarge):